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Earn money by sharing your bandwith with our thousands of users. You're in full charge of how much you participate.

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Access websites using residential proxies. You only pay for how much you use and there is no binding period.

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Common use cases

Price comparison

Many websites use complicated algorithms to present different prices to different consumers. By using PeerLoad you will be able to see exactly the price other people see.

Brand protection

Monitor the web and competitors for unlawful usage of your intellectual property. Using PeerLoad ensures that you can see resources that might otherwise be blocked from you.

Content verification

Content can appear widely different depending on from where you browse. Ensure that your content looks exactly like you want it to look for your visitors by using PeerLoad.

Data gathering

Collect the data you need from webservices without the risk of being blocked. Your requests will come from real home IP's and will pass any quality checks.

Search rankings

Marketplace rankings are getting more and more complex. Results vary by many parameters, but the most prominent factor is the location of the user. Get accurate ranking results by using PeerLoad.

Social media marketing

Use PeerLoad to manage your social media accounts and grow your brand. By using local IP's you can market more effectively to your local target groups and see exactly what they see on social networks.

How does it work?

PeerLoad's user hopping proxy tunnel allows businesses to automate their web tasks by accessing content through residential users across the world.
Peers share their unused bandwidth with PeerLoad's network and get paid by the usage.


PeerLoad is not just another proxy provider. Our focus is not just to provide our customers with a tool but with a solution to simplify their business. We do our best to please both our purchasers and peers.
"The great thing about PeerLoad is not just the great supply of IP's they offer. It's the fact that they offer an easy to use solution that with the simplest billing system I have ever seen in this industry."
"Using PeerLoad, we were able to analyze our competitors in a way we didn't think was possible. Since then, we have optimized our pricing and package offerings which has yielded more customers."
"Beats conventional proxy providers by a mile! Ever since integrating PeerLoad into our system we have yet to encounter a single captcha, which saves us a great deal of time and money."